With a myriad of flat roofing systems available and more coming on stream every year, making the right choice is difficult & challenging for the uninitiated.
Peterborough roofing have worked with almost every system available and are trained in every new system that becomes available.  We offer unbiased inside knowledge on what will be best for your particular situation.

Built Up Felt – Built up felt roofing still remains the most  popular  method of flat roof waterproofing in the UK.  PRC have  the widest range of product approvals available.  With the development of newer ‘flame free’ bituminous roofing systems, the range  of such waterproofing systems has widened.
 Cold applied liquid waterproofing represents the latest significant development in waterproofing technology. This flame free alternative provides a number of significant advantages to more traditional waterproofing methods, it can be used in conjunction with more traditional methods making this ideal for system where hot systems are unsuitable.
PRC have approval for most hotmelt waterproofing systems available. This system of waterproofing is ideal for a variety of applications including balconies, podium decks, carpark decks, below ground structural waterproofing and inverted roofs.
• Single ply is a fast growing flat roof waterproofing system in the. it offers a fast and cost effective roofing solution on suitable projects. The use of hot-air welding and cold applied adhesives provides an added safety benefit where risk of fire is a concern.
• Since the introduction of green roofing in the 80′s, it is very popular in Europe and a growing market here in the UK. With the increasing popularity with councils promoting their green credentials, PRC’s expertise in this specialist field is invaluable.